Why is it free?

We got this.
Spend money on games instead.

The fastest Lamborghini is useless if it's not driven.

Our philosophy is simple: Play as much as you want.

We believe in delivering a free gaming experience to the broadest audience possible, rather than focusing on short-term revenue from a product used by only a few.

We're moving away from the boring and confusing startup tech. Your smooth gaming experience has become our priority.

Things we do when lagging

Again and again.

First, we restart the game.

If that doesn't work, we reboot the computer and then restart the game.

If that doesn't work, we start poking around the router;

     Touch the antennas;
     Move the router from there to here;
     Unplug and plug back the LAN.

If that doesn't work, we call the telecom;

     Upgrade the Internet package;
     Make an appointment for an engineer visit;
     Hear the same thing: “the Internet is well connected.”

If that doesn't work, we buy new graphic cards we couldn't get.

It still doesn't work;

     It says connected, but not really.

Ping still pops up.

Ping reducer

Don't play with lag.
No more pain.

Try Gambit for the perfect immersion of your gameplay.

Ping is the time it takes for data to travel to and from our computer and a game server. The lower the ping, the less likely we are to experience lag while playing.

Gambit not only navigates the shortest and fastest Internet routes but also reduces ping turbulence.

Still lagging

Are we living in the 21st century?

"How long do we have to live like this?

How much longer do we have to wait?

5G...5G... Is it even working?

How much longer do we have to believe what we're told to believe?

Is it going to change?

Or, should we wait for longer?

What if, everything can change?

Just in our ways.

What if, we make the change ourselves?"

Gambit works with our users to build dedicated networks for game content in our way. If it's not us to take the first step, the Internet will stay the same ten years from now. As the quality of the media content is improving, Gambit is also trying for meaningful growth with our users.

Disclaimer: This article is from Nike Korea's 'New Future' #PlayNew campaign, which inspired our team.


But if you want, you can contribute to upgrading the Gambit servers.